Saturday, February 13, 2021

Covid cases rise even higher as deaths increase by 13

5,728 new cases, 3,285 recorded in Selangor.

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17 lagi kematian baru direkodkan, 3,505 pesakit pulih

Kes aktif dengan kebolehjangkitan pula berjumlah 51,579.

New cases stay below 4,000, another 17 deaths reported

258 in the ICU with 119 in need of respiratory assistance.

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Isu pembayaran komisen pekerja turut menjadi punca kepada kejadian yang tular itu.

Exco Kedah pertahankan pembangunan tanah sawah padi 

Perancangan pembangunan tempatan ditetapkan bagi memenuhi keperluan semasa rakyat terutamanya di Kota Setar. 

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Another 5,728 Covid-19 cases were recorded today, taking total confirmed infections in the country to 209,661.

Selangor recorded 3,285 cases, of which 2,467 or 75.1% were from clusters and close contact screening.

Johor recorded 792 cases, Kuala Lumpur 480, Sabah 263, Sarawak 191, Negeri Sembilan 158, Perak 112, Penang 101, Kedah 99, Terengganu 85, Pahang 51, Melaka 42,Labuan 29, Kelantan 28 and Putrajaya 12.

Active cases stand at 47,388 with 319 in the ICU and 120 in need of respiratory assistance.

Sixteen new clusters were detected:

1. Jalan Trompet (Klang and Petaling in Selangor; 131 screened, 74 positive)
2. Kampung Hala (Sabak Bernam in Selangor; 77 screened, 27 positive)
3. Jalan Suasa (Johor Bahru in Johor; 214 screened, 29 positive)
4. Jalan Riang (Johor Bahru in Johor; 270 screened, 13 positive)
5. Bintang Utama (Kulai in Johor; 141 screened, 29 positive)
6. Jalan Lombong (Kota Tinggit in Johor; 63 screened, 11 positive)
7. Bukit Batu Grisek (Tangkak in Johor; 130 screened, 18 positive)
8. Bayu Tampoi (Johor Bahru in Johor; 171 screened, 14 positive)
9. Lingkaran Maluri (Cheras in Kuala Lumpur; 94 screened, 33 positive)
10. Desa Tun (Cheras in Kuala Lumpur; 211 screened, 21 positive)
11. Jalan Labuk (Sandakan in Sabah; 176 screened, 15 positive)
12. Lasah (Kuala Kangsar in Perak; 71 screened, 24 positive)
13. Tersat (Hulu Terengganu, Kuala Terengganu and Marang in Terengganu; 391 screened, 35 positive)
14. Tanah Putih (Kuantan in Pahang; 221 screened, 19 positive)
15. Jalan Ketengah (Kuantan, Temerloh, Jerantut and Maran in Pahang; 14 positive)
16. Taman Amalina (Raub in Pahang; 21 screened, 13 positive)

Four others ended, leaving 387 active clusters across the country.

Another 3,805 patients were discharged, bringing total recoveries to 161,527.

However, another 13 deaths were recorded, pushing the virus toll to 746.

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New cases stay below 4,000, another 17 deaths reported

258 in the ICU with 119 in need of respiratory assistance.

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