Tuesday, March 2, 2021

MACC lodges police report after accused of threatening suspect in Macau scam probe

The suspect reportedly claimed that an official had threatened to arrest his mother if he did not admit to being involved in the scam.

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The Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission (MACC) has lodged a police report on an individual who claims he was threatened by an official from the anti-graft agency during an investigation into a Macau scam.

In a statement, it said the accusation was aimed at tarnishing the agency’s image.

It also urged the police to investigate the claim which has been making the rounds on WhatsApp.

“MACC will not protect any party if the accusation is found to be true, but if it is not, the individual in question must be brought to justice,” it added.

A copy of what is said to be a police report by the individual on the MACC official has been making the rounds.

In it, the individual claimed he was threatened by the official when told to hand over three of his vehicles and RM20 million in cash.

“The complainant was taken to the Putrajaya MACC office for investigation regarding a Macau scam, and he communicated with an individual named Addy Kanna.

“During the interrogation, the MACC official threatened to arrest and remand the complainant’s mother if the complainant did not admit to being involved in the scam. That individual was Addy Kanna,” the police report read.

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