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New Covid-19 cluster in Penang

Sixteen people have been screened in the cluster so far, 14 of whom tested negative.

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Five positive cases were detected following screening in the district.
Five positive cases were detected following screening in the district.

Another new cluster has been detected in Penang, health director-general Dr Noor Hisham Abdullah said today.

He said two positive cases had been detected so far in the Ara cluster, including the index case (case 10,024) – a 44-year-old local man.

“The index case was determined to have Covid-19 during screening at the international entry point in Sandakan, Sabah on Sept 15 following arrival from the peninsula.

“Close contact screening was conducted and another Covid-19 case was identified: the niece of the index case.”

In a statement, he said she tested positive on Sept 19 and was admitted to the Penang Hospital for treatment.

Sixteen individuals have been screened so far in the cluster with 14 testing negative. The cause of the infection is still being investigated.

On the development of Covid-19 clusters in Sabah, Noor Hisham said 27 of the 52 new cases today were from the Benteng LD cluster, bringing the total number of positive cases there to 578.

To date, 8,627 people have been screened: 6,345 in Tawau, 2,281 in Lahad Datu and one in Sandakan.

“For the positive cases from this cluster, 287 are citizens and 291 are non-citizens involving 191 Filipinos and 100 Indonesians,” he said.

As for the Selamat cluster, he said two new cases were detected, making it seven cases in total, while one case each was detected in the Bakau and Pulau clusters, bringing the total there to four and 15 cases respectively.

In another development, Noor Hisham said there were three active administrative enhanced movement control order (EMCO) areas: the Amanjaya and Kota Setar localities in Kedah and the Tawau prison and quarters in Sabah.

A total of 13,591 individuals have been screened in Amanjaya with 16 positive cases detected and 13,575 negative across three zones: Kenanga, Mawar and Melor.

“The administrative EMCO period was extended until Sept 26 in the Melor zone after 13 new cases were detected on the 13th day.

“All 16 positive cases are Malaysian citizens. A total of 600 repeat samples were taken from the Melor zone on Sept 19 and are still awaiting results,” he said.

For the administrative EMCO in Kota Setar, which is expected to end on Sept 25, he said a total of 17,954 people were screened with 17 positive cases, 17,320 negative and 617 awaiting results.

As for the administrative EMCO in the Tawau prison and quarters, 6,345 people were screened, 426 of whom tested positive, 4,120 negative and 1,799 awaiting results.