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Menu Rahmah meals still going strong

Customers hail the RM5 price tag and the variety of dishes available under the government's affordable food programme.

Azzman Abdul Jamal
2 minute read
Customers buy lunch at an eatery that serves Menu Rahmah dishes, in Subang, Selangor.
Customers buy lunch at an eatery that serves Menu Rahmah dishes, in Subang, Selangor.

Demand has remained strong for the Menu Rahmah programme, under which meals are offered for RM5 or less, especially among those seeking to save money amid the rise in cost of living. 

The initiative launched by the domestic trade and cost of living ministry earlier this year has also benefited businesses, which have seen more customers coming to their restaurants and food stalls. 

It likewise encourages traders to be creative in coming up with meals that can be served at affordable prices, and in providing a range of options for their customers to enjoy. 

Trader Zabedah Sheikh Osman, who has run her stall for 14 years at the Mydin USJ 1 food court in Subang Jaya, sells chicken soup noodles and Johor-style mee rebus under the Menu Rahmah programme. 

Business owner Zabedah Sheikh Osman speaks to MalaysiaNow at her stall in Subang. 

She said these meals were still doing well, not only among university students.

"Everyone comes, including senior citizens," she said to MalaysiaNow. 

While her profit margin for these meals is lower than it is for her other dishes, she said operations are still running well. 

"More customers are also coming, which helps promote my stall," she added. 

"The demand is very encouraging."

Dani Mulyadi speaks to MalaysiaNow about the government's Menu Rahmah programme. 

Dani Mulyadi from Bandar Sunway meanwhile said he had enjoyed his first ever Menu Rahmah purchase of chicken rice.

"Before this, people who wanted to save would buy nasi bujang because it was cheap, but the side dishes would have to be added on. 

"Menu Rahmah allows us a variety of choices, so customers can pick what they want according to their taste. This makes it more worthwhile," he added. 

For Fitriah Lilesia Yakim, the affordable price is the main draw for Menu Rahmah meals. 

But not all RM5 meals are a good deal, she added. 

"Different shops serve different things for the same price," she said. 

"You have to see what shop is serving what meals. Some of them are tasty and good value for money, and some are not. 

"It's up to the customers to decide." 

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