Sunday, October 24, 2021


WhatsApp extends encryption from phones to backups on Google Drive, iCloud

The new feature will be rolled out gradually, beginning with users who have the most recent version of WhatsApp on their phones.

Makna di sebalik terjejasnya Facebook

Lambat laun orang akan lupa perkhidmatan Facebook pernah terhenti selama enam jam minggu lalu, lebih-lebih lagi apabila keadaan itu tidak berulang pada masa akan...

Indonesia president backs amnesty for professor jailed for WhatsApp message

Saiful Mahdi was imprisoned for three months over comments made in a WhatsApp messenger group chat among fellow academics, which criticised a hiring process for lecturers.

Facebook, Instagram, WhatsApp hit by widespread outage

A major outage hitting all three platforms, which have billions of users, is rare though apps are regularly forced offline by technical problems.

Facebook moves to block Taliban’s WhatsApp accounts

A Taliban spokesman meanwhile criticises Facebook for blocking 'freedom of speech' in Afghanistan.

WhatsApp tests breaking free from smartphones

Facebook engineers say the new feature will allow WhatsApp to be used on phones and 'up to four other non-phone devices simultaneously – even if your phone battery is dead'.

Another Singapore public servant nabbed for leaking pandemic curbs on WhatsApp

The accused leaked information regarding the suspension of sport, physical activity classes and programmes for children and youth.

WhatsApp sues Indian govt over new law making private messages ‘traceable’

WhatsApp says rules that require tracing the origin of chats are the equivalent of keeping a 'fingerprint of every single message sent on the service'.

WhatsApp delays enforcing new privacy terms

Users will get 'persistent' reminders about the policy and may lose some functionality if they fail to accept the new terms.

Ketika program imunisasi bermula, teori menentang vaksin muncul dalam bentuk ‘penyelidikan perubatan’

Salah satu dakwaan oleh ‘jurnal perubatan’ memberi amaran vaksin Pfizer boleh menyebabkan penyakit berkait otak.

WhatsApp flap shows importance of message platform to Facebook

The California giant last month delayed implementation of a new policy which critics said could expand data collection from some two billion WhatsApp users around the world.

Penjual ikan didenda RM1,000 kerana pukul isteri WhatsApp lelaki lain

Tertuduh telah memarahi dan memukul isterinya pada bahagian belakang, kepala serta tangan kanan.

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