Thursday, July 22, 2021

vaccine hesitancy

French Covid jab centres attacked by demonstrators

The vandals were protesting against controversial new measures which include mandatory vaccinations for health workers, and health passes to access most public places.

In US, experts make case for vaccine mandates

The national vaccination campaign has stalled since hitting a highwater mark in mid-April, with barely 600,000 a day now rolling up their sleeves, down from a peak of more than four million.

Jab or jail, Philippines president warns vaccine vacillators

He says he is 'exasperated by Filipinos not heeding the government', and that there is 'a crisis in the country'.

Malawi runs out of vaccines as second jabs due

The next shipment of vaccine has been delayed by the virus surge in India, which forced the country to temporarily halt major vaccine exports to meet local demand.

Moscow records pandemic high for Covid cases second day running

The highly infectious Delta variant has been blamed for nearly 90% of new cases.

Pakistan province to block phones of the unvaccinated

Concerns about the side effects of the jab, coupled with misinformation that it causes infertility or death within two years, have sparked vaccine hesitancy.

Anti-vaxxers and what lies beneath

Psychologists shed some light on the reasons behind such opposition.

No vaccination, no salary, says Pakistan province

Sindh Chief Minister Murad Ali Shah says government employees who are not vaccinated should have their salaries stopped from July.

Why many Covid experts think Americans can ditch their masks soon

Experts foresee that masking will continue to be a personal choice, and it may still be wise for elderly people who have comorbidities.

Shoot your shot: US state offers US$1 million Covid vaccine lottery

Those under 17 meanwhile could win a full four-year scholarship to one of Ohio's state universities.

Worldwide vaccine hesitancy dashing hopes of rapid global herd immunity

A new poll reveals that over one billion people worldwide are unwilling to accept a Covid-19 vaccine.

Free Bud’n’donuts when reluctant Americans get vaccinated

With more than enough jabs for everyone, US authorities are turning to bribes to lure the unconvinced.

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