Thursday, August 5, 2021


Twitter suspends professor over posts mocking China’s Xi Jinping

The professor said some big IT names like​ ​Twitter,​ LinkedIn, Zoom, and Facebook, appear to be getting into a habit of silencing China critics.

Trump sues Facebook, Twitter, Google for silencing him

Trump is accusing the media giants of restricting access to conservative viewpoints.

India warns defiant Twitter it must comply with new IT rules

Growing tensions with India's government is making some US tech giants rethink their Indian expansion plans.

Twitter concerned by cops’ ‘intimidating tactics’ at Indian office

Indian police visited Twitter headquarters to serve a notice to its country head of an official probe into its tagging of a tweet by a ruling party spokesman as 'manipulated media'.

Anger as Indian govt forces Twitter to remove critical Covid posts

Twitter said if it had not done so, it could have meant prison for its employees in India.

Hackers breach cameras at banks, jails, Tesla and more

The hacker group claims to have ferreted out credentials of a high-level administrator account at Silicon Valley firm Verkada, which runs a platform operating security systems online.

Twitter founder’s auction of first tweet draws US$2 million bid

Buying a tweet means purchasing 'a digital certificate of the tweet, unique because it has been signed and verified by the creator'.

95 hospital swasta setuju bantu rawat pesakit Covid-19

Sesi libat urus antara kerajaan-swasta adalah satu perkembangan baik melibatkan pertukaran dan perkongsian tenaga pakar termasuk aset untuk melandaikan lengkuk Covid-19.

Isteri bekas menteri lepaskan kemarahan pada PM lepas suami tarik sokongan

Beberapa salinan perbualan yang dimuat naik di laman Twitter mula tersebar.

Trump losing his tweets worries world leaders

American tech giants should not be deciding what can and can't be said, they say.

Akaun Twitter SKMM digantung sementara selepas diceroboh

Tindakan itu diambil selepas ia diceroboh oleh pihak tidak bertanggungjawab.

Twitter sekat akaun Trump

Ia disekat hampir 12 jam kerana pengunaan bahasa retorik melampau.

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