Thursday, October 21, 2021


With tourist lifeline long gone, KL’s Pasar Seni traders reminisce about the good old days

Some are determined to keep going but for many, the Covid-19 pandemic has caused seemingly irreversible change.

Traders scramble to keep up with hike in chicken prices

Some are forced to raise the price of their food while others do their best to absorb the increase in cost.

Hike in chicken price due to higher feed costs, says minister

Alexander Nanta Linggi says the price of standard chickens has been fixed at RM7.90 from April 21 to May 20.

‘Pasar malam’ back with very few customers but better than nothing, say traders

Traders say business has been slow, with many barely making enough to get by.

KL’s ‘free trade zones’ a lifeline for those struggling to get by

Many traders who lost their previous jobs due to the Covid-19 pandemic say they have benefited immensely from the government's permission to conduct business in these areas.

Single mum at the end of her rope after city council tears down stall

Traders say they have no intention of standing in the way of development, but that times are hard as the pandemic and movement restrictions cause a drop in customers.

In Kelantan border town, traders bid farewell to a year of suffering

A combination of movement restrictions, bad weather and the uncertain ringgit value has made 2020 a 'year of suffering' for these traders.

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