Saturday, September 25, 2021


20 years after 9/11, is Malaysia ready for a similar attack?

An expert does not rule out the possibility of attempts to replicate the 2001 attacks on the New York twin towers, but believes Malaysia is more prepared now.

Sri Lanka offers help with NZ knife attack probe

Sri Lanka's Muslim Council condemns the Auckland attack as a 'barbaric act of terrorism,' and thanks the NZ police for their swift response.

Bali-bombing terror group planned fresh Indonesia attack, police say

Indonesia's counter-terror squad has rounded up 53 suspected extremists in nearly a dozen provinces over the past week.

US issues new terrorism threat warning ahead of 9/11 anniversary

It cites increased use of 'online forums to influence and spread violent extremist narratives and promote violent activity'.

New Zealand accepts return of IS-linked woman and her children

The decision follows a bitter dispute with Australia over which country should shoulder responsibility for the woman.

Singaporean charged with giving S$1,000 to IS militant ‘for terrorism’

The funds were purportedly intended for facilitating terrorist acts in Syria, says the home ministry.

Sri Lanka pardons suspected Tamil Tigers convicted under terrorism law

A total of 78 other convicts, including a murderer closely linked to Sri Lanka's ruling Rajapaksa family, were also released.

Far-right, anti-Muslim extremism among Singapore’s worries in war against terror

Singapore authorities say the domestic terrorism threat comes primarily from self-radicalised individuals influenced by extremist materials online.

Man charged with terrorism in truck murders of Canadian Muslims

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau called the tragedy a Christian 'terrorist attack'.

Cendol seller jailed 16 years for supporting, promoting IS

Nahzatulazran A Rahman was accused of supporting and promoting the IS group by possessing and distributing items such as flags with inscriptions as well as photos and videos of the group.

Singapore arrests 16-year-old for planning Christchurch-style massacre of Muslims

Singapore's Internal Security Department says the youth was planning to launch the attack on March 15, on the second anniversary of the Christchurch massacre.

In landmark boost, Trump says will delist Sudan as sponsor of terror

Sudan is one of four nations branded by Washington as a state sponsor of terrorism, along with Iran, North Korea and Syria.

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