Tuesday, January 25, 2022


Teachers allowed to participate in politics

The same permission applies to staff at the Community Development Department or Kemas.

Excitement and joy as students return to school

Many parents are also glad that their children are able to attend face-to-face classes again.

Respectful or inappropriate? Teachers give their two cents on ‘second parent titles’

Some have no problem being called 'father' or 'mother' while others say this could open the door to issues such as sexual grooming.

97.5% of teachers fully vaccinated as of end-October

Deputy Education Minister Mah Hang Soon says 99.04% of teachers have received at least one dose of vaccine.

Education ministry denies report on prohibited punishments in schools

It says it never issued a table titled 'MoE Disciplinary Unit: Forms of Prohibited Punishment' as spread on social media.

Education ministry believed to have the most unvaccinated civil servants

The Public Service Department is updating the data of civil servants who have yet to be vaccinated, in a process expected to end in two weeks' time.

Schools allowed to check teachers’ vaccination certs, says education minister

Radzi Jidin says this is to ensure that teachers have been fully vaccinated, and to allow action to be taken against those who have not based on accurate data.

Some 2,000 teachers still yet to be jabbed ahead of Nov 1 deadline

Deputy Education Minister II Mohamad Alamin says the government should not be blamed for any disciplinary action taken after this date.

Teachers reminded to get their jabs as students return to school

Education Minister Radzi Jidin issues a reminder that those who refuse to be vaccinated without medical reasons could face disciplinary action or termination of service.

300 teachers in Perak yet to be vaccinated

Some are still waiting for their vaccination appointments while others have yet to register.

90.5% of teachers fully vaccinated

Education Minister Radzi Jidin says some 7.2% are awaiting their second dose.

Home-based teaching and learning method moderately effective, says education ministry

Urban student involvement in online PdPR was just under 60% while involvement among rural children was at 52.4%.

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