Wednesday, September 29, 2021

Sabah CM

Umno crumbling under Zahid, says Dr Mahathir

Former PM names several leaders heading factions in Umno.

‘A lot of money’ brought down Warisan in Sabah, says Dr Mahathir

The former prime minister says elections in Malaysia are now 'meaningless'.

Sabah election crystallises Zahid’s place in Umno

His failure to push Bung Moktar Radin as CM is being increasingly seen as a sign that he has lost control of Sabah Umno.

From radio deejay to ‘exodus man’, Hajiji takes oath to lead Sabah

Hajiji's ascent as Sabah's most powerful leader has been seen as strengthening Muhyiddin's grip at the federal level, as well as expanding Bersatu's influence.

Ousted in Sabah, Shafie and Anwar head for open war

Anwar's announcement was followed by leaders abandoning the Sabah campaign in droves in the hope of forming the government, says source.

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