Monday, January 24, 2022

online classes

Reopen schools or disaster looms, experts tell Indian authorities

They say schools are 'an essential service'.

Back to school could spark separation anxiety, expert says as lockdowns keep kids at home

Steps should be taken to help children adjust to the idea ahead of schools' reopening, she says.

Online classes to continue until end-August

The education ministry says face-to-face sessions will begin in stages from Sept 1.

Responding to the challenges of online education

Online teaching and learning is here to stay and academics need to review processes and adopt some simple tips to make online learning more effective.

Pandemic pushing public universities to brink of financial crisis

The coming year will tell if public universities can survive financially, says UM prof.

Parents zoom in on screen time as pandemic pushes classes online again

Some say their children have been anxious and subdued ever since their return to the virtual classroom.

How Covid-19 has disrupted the routine of special needs students

These students have an especially hard time adapting to online learning.

Online teaching may impede learning, experts warn as classes go digital again

Negative effects of online learning include students' slow absorption of lessons.

Cut red tape, decentralise powers on closing schools over Covid fears, Putrajaya told

The nation's main teachers' group says the state education departments have a better grasp of the situation in schools under their jurisdiction.

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