Monday, December 6, 2021

oil and gas

Malaysia stands to benefit from energy crisis, says economist

But despite the positive effects expected, the country should brace for the drawback of surging oil prices.

Govt to spend half a billion to maintain 2-sen electricity rebate

Otherwise, the rebate would have dropped to 1.13 sen/kWj.

RM2 billion oil ‘coup’ puts Sarawak opposition in further turmoil

Having neutralised political enemies over state rights under MA63, the state's ruling coalition GPS is set for a big win when polls are called.

Who blocked oil money to Sarawak? Ex-AG taken to task for blaming Petronas

Political analyst challenges Tommy Thomas' account of setbacks related to Sarawak's oil and gas revenues under Pakatan Harapan.

Behind the ups and downs of fuel prices

The cost of crude oil, supply, demand and competition as well as supply disruptions all play a role in determining the price of petrol.

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