Wednesday, December 1, 2021


US won’t stand idly by if Iran gets ‘too close’ to nuclear weapon

Indirect talks between the US and Iran are set to resume in Vienna on Monday with the other members of the 2015 nuclear deal shuttling between the two sides.

US says China expanding nuclear arsenal faster than anticipated

But Beijing says the Pentagon report is overhyping the threat.

US reveals nuclear bomb numbers after Trump blackout

As of Sept 30, 2020, the US military maintained 3,750 active and inactive nuclear warheads, down by 55 from a year earlier and by 72 from the same date in 2017.

Biden aides to tell Israelis US will pursue ‘other avenues’ if Iran diplomacy fails

A visit to Washington by Israel's national security adviser will allow the two allies to share intelligence and develop a 'baseline assessment' of how far Tehran's nuclear programme has advanced, an official says.

Iran’s nuclear programme has crossed ‘all red lines’, says Israel PM

He says Iran's nuclear weapon programme is at a critical point.

North Korea tests ‘strategic’ cruise missile with possible nuclear capability

The missiles flew 1,500km before hitting their targets and falling into the country's territorial waters during the tests held on Saturday and Sunday, state media says.

No nuclear negotiations ‘for negotiation’s sake’, says Iran president-elect

Ebrahim Raisi says he will not meet President Joe Biden in the event that talks lead to the US lifting sanctions on Iran.

World powers hold ‘constructive’ talks with Iran on reviving nuclear deal Trump dumped

A resolution of the nuclear issue could help ease tensions in the wider Middle East, notably with Israel and Saudi Arabia.

10 years after Japan tsunami and nuclear meltdown, 40,000 still can’t go home

Many question if the decommissioning of the nuclear plant's melted reactors can ever be completed.

Iran producing uranium metal, further violating 2015 deal, says nuclear watchdog

The latest violation of the deal, which is aimed at preventing Tehran from developing nuclear weapons, comes as Iran warns that time is running out for Joe Biden's administration to save the agreement.

North Korea’s Kim pledges to strengthen defence capabilities

Analysts concur that North Korea's latest missile is the largest road-mobile missile in the world.

Iran says 20% uranium enrichment process started

This is well beyond the threshold set by the 2015 nuclear deal.

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