Friday, June 18, 2021

Mahathir Mohamad

Jab first, register later, says Mahathir

He also questions the time taken to approve vaccines for use, saying they are already part of the vaccination drive in other countries.

PH rejects Mahathir’s call for Mageran council

The coalition says this goes against its stand that the emergency should end and Parliament be allowed to reopen.

Mahathir tells what he proposed to Agong, says Anwar rang him up

He says he told the Agong that it would be dangerous to hold an election during the pandemic.

Mahathir, Hadi get invites to meet Agong

However, the leaders of other parties say they have not been called for an audience with Sultan Abdullah Sultan Abdul Shah.

Dr M calls for full lockdown, govt to bear costs

He says cases have spiralled since the country began to let down its guard.

Mahathir apologises for breaching SOPs in Langkawi

He says he is ready to face the music for failing to record his body temperature before entering a surau for a Ramadan aid distribution programme last week.

Dr M makes passionate plea for public to stay home during Raya

The former PM says people must take the situation seriously to avoid ending up in the same situation as India.

See you in court, Mahathir tells Khalid on defamation claim

The former PM says he has received the letter of demand from Khalid Abu Bakar and instructed his lawyers to respond.

Dr M joins delegation as Anwar skips memo delivery to Agong

The former prime minister says many Malays are angry because they are suffering under the emergency proclamation.

Dr M on Zahid, Anwar, Najib, Muhyiddin and Azmin

Dr Mahathir Mohamad recently sat down with MalaysiaNow to air his views on the latest political developments in Malaysia. Here are excerpts from the interview touching on five political figures in the news.

I was fair in appointing ministers, Dr M responds to claims of preference for ‘Azmin’s men’

The former prime minister says the line between Anwar Ibrahim's supporters and those of Azmin Ali was 'not very clear' at the time.

Mahathir rubbishes talk of putting Umno back in driver’s seat

He says the party is now divided, questioning its ability to win enough seats in the impending general election to reassert its once dominant position.

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