Tuesday, October 26, 2021

Mahathir Mohamad

Dr M scoffs at Melaka polls

The Pejuang chairman says governments at the federal and state levels are no longer focused on the well-being of the country.

Calling Najib ‘VIP criminal’, Dr M questions case delay, passport returns for Umno leaders

The former prime minister says justice delayed is justice denied.

Langkawi is not Batu Puteh, Dr M responds to Johor sultan

He says Langkawi has not been claimed by Thailand, or made the subject of an international legal case where two nations had agreed to abide by the outcome.

Dr M on money and corruption

The former prime minister warns of a bleak future if the people do not reject corruption and corrupt leaders.

Ismail less savvy about PM-ship than Muhyiddin, says Mahathir

Malaysia's longest serving prime minister gives his views on the man who succeeded him in Putrajaya, and the man who succeeded him in turn.

Behind the wheel with Dr Mahathir

At the ripe old age of 96, Dr Mahathir Mohamad is still game for highway spins himself, and has no qualms about getting behind the wheel.

It’s not just about age, Mahathir says on seniors behind the wheel

At 96, the former leader says many senior citizens are still able to drive safely even on major highways.

Apandi’s suit against Mahathir, govt heads to trial as mediation fails

The trial will begin in April next year.

Nazri tells of Mahathir’s ‘black notebook’ that sent shivers through ministers

The vocal Umno MP says he still is a fan of the former leader despite their political differences.

Dr M says Pejuang won’t sign ‘bribery’ deal with govt

The Pejuang chairman says his bloc will remain independent and will not involve itself in the agreement.

PM cannot accept donations no matter what, says Dr M in veiled swipe at Najib

And accepting money from foreigners would open up opportunities for interference in domestic politics, says the former prime minister.

Acknowledgment or flattery? The changing culture of remembering past leaders

While the first four prime ministers have been given 'fatherly' titles, there may be no place for such a practice in the new political landscape.

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