Wednesday, September 22, 2021


US lifts ban on Top Glove

The US Customs and Border Protection says it is no longer necessary to maintain its earlier finding which had seen Top Glove products banned over allegations of forced labour.

German companies can’t ask about employees’ vaccine status, says minister

Germany has strict data privacy laws because of its history of Nazi and Communist state surveillance of citizens, meaning that companies have no right to find out about health issues relating to their staff.

Uber to pay drivers minimum wage, holiday pay and pensions after UK court ruling

The company is being challenged by its drivers in multiple countries over whether they should be classed as workers or self-employed.

Glove giant Top Glove charged over workers’ housing after virus outbreak

Top Glove has been hit with 10 counts of failing to provide certified accommodation for its workers in Ipoh.

Asian garment makers stitch together united front to pressure Western brands

The initiative will give Asian manufacturers a stronger voice in setting payment and delivery terms with Western high-street brands.

US bans palm oil imports from Sime Darby

The US Customs and Border Protection says there is evidence Sime Darby workers face abuses including sexual and physical violence, withholding of wages and restrictions on movement.

Accommodation for over 90% of foreign workers not in line with regulations

Human Resources Minister M Saravanan says the government has only received applications for certificates of accommodation for 8.89% of foreign workers in the country.

64% of Japanese willing to work past retirement age, survey shows

About 11.7% say they are ready to work beyond 75.

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