Thursday, May 19, 2022


Bosses with under 5 workers exempted from minimum wage rule until year-end

This does not apply to employers in professional fields, who must pay the minimum salary of RM1,500 regardless of how many workers they have.

Economists, NGOs welcome refugee-hiring proposal to ease labour crunch

They say there are enough refugees and undocumented migrants in the country to meet industry needs.

Bosses group moots hiring refugees, undocumented migrants to tackle labour shortage

The Malaysian Employers Federation says short-term measures are needed until all issues concerning foreign labour recruitment can be resolved.

Chocolate giant Ferrero to stop buying palm oil from Sime Darby over labour concerns

It has also asked its global suppliers to stop supplying palm oil and palm kernel oil from Sime Darby.

Some sectors to be given flexibility in minimum wage, says minister

Affected workers include those who earn an income by doing odd jobs, as well as companies with fewer than five workers and those facing huge losses such as the hospitality and tourism sectors.

Malaysia, Indonesia ink agreement on domestic helpers

The memorandum of understanding also paves the way for the re-entry of Indonesian workers in other sectors allowed by Malaysia.

At Sabak Bernam schools, cleaners slog without pay for 4 months

They blame the contract system which they say allows room for exploitation by companies which choose to do so.

Amendments to Employment Act for 7-day paternity leave approved

This is a four-day increase from the current three days.

Singapore seeks to balance workforce with new visa rules for foreigners

Under the new system, applicants will be awarded points based on how many other workers of their nationality are hired by their employer and how many other foreigners work there in relation to local staff.

Pandemic propels workers closer to four-day week

From Iceland to Australia, governments and business are testing shorter work weeks, be it in fashion or fast food.

Four-day work weeks, practical or not?

Questions arise over cost, productivity and the payment of wages if the conventional work week is trimmed by a day.

Govt should honour GE14 ‘wage contract’ with workers

Politicians are urged to honour their promises and announce the new minimum wage order in accordance with their manifesto text.

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