Wednesday, July 28, 2021

knife attack

Afghan youth gets life for Swedish stabbings

He attacked seven strangers with a kitchen knife 'because he was so upset' about something he regarded as blasphemous.

France knife attacker said to have watched jihadist videos

Authorities say the man's father revealed that 'his son had adopted a rigorous practice of Islam'.

Mixed-religion knifeman stabs 5 worshippers in Albania mosque

While the alleged attacker's father is Catholic and his mother Muslim, his father says he always told him to go to the mosque or the church, whichever he wanted.

Another young Singaporean nabbed for planning mass killings, this time against Jews

Amirull Ali studied an image of the human body to identify the best place to stab victims and made reconnaissance trips to the Maghain Aboth Synagogue in 2019.

That’s freedom to them, says Dr M on Twitter censorship

The former PM says his comments were taken out of context.

French expert who studied Dr M explains his Twitter post

Sophie Lemiere also criticises Anwar Ibrahim's response to the crisis in France as 'pseudo-intellectual'.

Twitter deletes Dr M’s post on Muslims killing French

Twitter says Mahathir's comments 'violated policy regarding glorification of violence'.

France on emergency footing after knifeman kills 3 at church

French anti-terror prosecutors are handling the inquiry into charges related to a 'terrorist murder'.

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