Wednesday, October 20, 2021


Brazil leader accused of ‘crimes against humanity’ at ICC

The complaint accuses Jair Bolsonaro of waging a widespread campaign resulting in the murder of environmental defenders and of endangering the global population through emissions caused by deforestation.

Philippines’ Duterte to prepare defence against ICC probe in apparent U-turn

Duterte has repeatedly attacked the world's only permanent war crimes court and insisted it has no jurisdiction in the Philippines.

Philippines’ Duterte vows accountability for anyone who went ‘beyond bounds’ in drug war

More than 6,100 suspected drug dealers and users have been killed since he took office in June 2016.

Philippines’ Duterte won’t cooperate with ICC drug war probe

Duterte pulled Manila out of the Hague-based court after it launched a preliminary probe, but the ICC says it has jurisdiction over crimes committed while the Philippines was still a member.

ICC approves Philippines ‘war on drugs’ investigation

Judges say there is a 'reasonable basis' to believe that the crime against humanity of murder had been committed in the crackdown, which has left thousands of people dead.

Israel refuses to work with ICC on war crimes probe

Israel says The Hague tribunal has no authority to open an investigation against it.

ICC opens Israeli-Palestinians war crimes probe

The probe will focus on a military operation launched by Israel 2014 with the stated aim of stopping rocket fire into the country by militants of Islamist movement Hamas, which saw about 2,250 Palestinians killed.

Uighur lawyers collecting new evidence to back ICC case

A legal team is now gathering further evidence in ICC member countries outside China.

ICC can’t prosecute China over Uighur ‘re-education camps’

International Criminal Court prosecutors cannot act because the alleged crimes took place in China, which has not signed up to the court.

Putrajaya maintains refusal to ratify Rome Statute

Deputy Foreign Minister Kamarudin Jaffar says this is in line with the sentiments of the majority.

Kerajaan PN kekalkan keputusan PH tolak Statut Rom

PN tidak berhasrat untuk menyertai ICC selaras dengan 'suara majoriti' rakyat Malaysia.

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