Wednesday, June 16, 2021

human rights

Chinese minorities targeted in organ harvesting, say UN rights experts

China rejects the claims, condemning the experts for using 'disinformation'.

The mistake of considering migrants a national security concern

The Malaysian government has been condemning xenophobia at international fora and should do the same in the country.

Look in the mirror, China tells US on rights abuses after Tiananmen criticism

Chinese foreign ministry spokesman says the US needs to hold itself to account for a range of abuses, from minorities to its treatment of migrants.

Budapest renames streets to protest against ‘unwanted’ new Chinese university

Fudan University is one of China's most prestigious educational institutions, and the campus in Budapest will be its first in the European Union.

UN rights council to mull international probe after Gaza conflict

The draft text also calls for investigators to probe 'underlying root causes of recurrent tensions and instability, including systematic discrimination and repression based on group identity'.

Rights group warns cops against ‘Sosma crackdown’

Lawyers for Liberty says using Sosma for this purpose will only see the police embroiled in an 'unending cycle of abuse of power'.

Chinese TV stars cut ties with Nike as Xinjiang backlash builds

Nike had issued a statement saying it was 'very concerned' by allegations of forced labour in Xinjiang while H&M earlier said it would no longer source cotton from the region.

China lambasts UK for ‘double standards’ over human rights for immigrants

Beijing has stepped up the rhetoric against London since Britain offered millions of Hong Kong citizens in its ex-colony the chance to obtain full British citizenship.

Washington in bid to rejoin UNHRC to go after rights violators

The Biden administration named Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, Congo and Iran as human rights abusers, but its list does not stop there.

Shocking footage emerges of men in uniform assaulting workers

The incidents are said to have happened in Meru, Klang.

Amnesty International bank accounts closed by India

Government 'harassment' is making it impossible for Amnesty to continue its work in India.

Malay duo fight to stay alive on Singapore’s minority-ridden death row

Some 90% of death row inmates are ethnic minorities, despite Singapore's clinical approach to creating racial balance.

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