Thursday, June 30, 2022

food shortage

Sri Lanka seeks UN help on food shortages

Acute shortages of food, fuel and other essential goods, along with record inflation and rolling blackouts, have inflicted widespread misery in the island nation's unprecedented economic crisis.

US to fly in baby formula on military contracted planes

Families around the US have grown increasingly desperate for formula amid a perfect storm of supply chain issues and a massive recall.

Sri Lanka imposes price controls to tackle food shortages

The government insists the shortages were artificially created by traders profiting from the pandemic restrictions.

Sri Lanka declares food emergency as forex crisis worsens

This follows sharp price rises for sugar, rice, onions and potatoes, while long queues have formed outside stores because of shortages of milk powder, kerosene oil and cooking gas.

North Korea facing ‘harsh lean period’, says UN food body

North Korea is projected to produce a 'near-average level' of 5.6 million tonnes of grain this year, around 1.1 million tonnes short of the amount needed to feed its entire population.

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