Tuesday, January 25, 2022


Baby lost in chaos of Afghanistan airlift found, returned to family after long ordeal

The child has been returned to his grandfather and other relatives still in Kabul, who are working to have him reunited with his parents and siblings who were evacuated to the US.

Japan and US draw up plan for any Taiwan emergency, says local news agency

China claims Taiwan as its own 'sacred' territory and in the past two years has stepped up military and diplomatic pressure to assert its sovereignty claims, fuelling anger in Taipei and deep concern in Washington.

UK blasted for Afghanistan evacuation response

The chairman of the cross-party foreign affairs committee, Tom Tugendhat, said the emergency response to the Taliban takeover in August left Afghans 'abandoned'.

Baby handed to US soldiers in chaos of Afghanistan airlift still missing

'Everyone promises they will do their best, but they are just promises.'

28 families evacuated after landslide in Kemensah Heights

A total of 19 houses were affected.

Hundreds of unaccompanied children evacuated from Afghanistan, says UN

Unicef is currently providing technical support to governments who are hosting evacuated children, and are helping register those that are unaccompanied, trace their families and working to reunite them.

Britain in talks with Taliban over safe passage of remaining nationals

Meanwhile, more than 8,000 Afghans who helped Nato forces made it out of Afghanistan and the British government said they would be given indefinite leave to remain.

Several rockets fired at Kabul airport as evacuation winds down

Smoke could be seen rising above buildings in the north, where the Hamid Karzai International Airport is located.

US carries out air strike to stop car bomb in Kabul

Local media reported possible civilian casualties, which the US says it is assessing.

Final UK plane carrying military leaves Kabul

The UK's exit comes amid controversy over the head of an animal charity who flew out with some 200 animals as hundreds of Afghans eligible to travel to the UK remained behind.

Uproar in Washington: Did US share evacuee names with Taliban?

Pressed by journalists, President Joe Biden did not rule out the possibility.

Western nations warn of terror threat at Kabul airport

The US cites an 'acute' terrorist threat from the regional chapter of the Islamic State group.

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