Sunday, July 25, 2021


Half of Europeans vaccinated as Germany warns on rising virus cases

But this is still short of a 70% target set for the summer.

Europe reels from worst floods in years as death toll nears 130

Some parts of western Europe received up to two months' worth of rainfall in two days on soil that was already near saturation.

We decide what to teach our kids about sex, Slovenian PM tells EU

Imposing “imaginary European values,” like LGBT promotion he argued, would be the “fastest road to collapse” for the bloc.

New Delta wave being boosted by Euro football, WHO warns

Germany has called football authority Uefa irresponsible for allowing too many fans inside stadiums.

Double Covid jab seems to curb Delta variant, says EMA

The European Medicines Agency says the four vaccines approved in the European Union – Pfizer, Moderna, AstraZeneca and Johnson & Johnson – seem to be protecting against all strains circulating in the continent.

Covid cases in Europe up again after 10 weeks of decline

The World Health Organization says the number of cases in Europe rose by 10% last week.

Delta variant to account for 90% of new Covid cases in Europe, says EU agency

The ECDC is also urging countries to be cautious about relaxing curbs aimed at limiting the spread.

Covid crisis worsened corruption in EU, says Transparency International

A survey by the anti-graft watchdog found that 29% had relied on favours or connections to access public sector health services last year while 6% paid outright bribes.

Pandemic hits ‘critical point’ as Europe deaths top one million

WHO says this is 'not the situation we want to be in 16 months into a pandemic'.

Global jabs pass 500 million as Europe vaccine feuds deepen

The pandemic is still surging in Europe and Latin America where Brazil has now passed 300,000 deaths and Mexico 200,000.

EU to resume AstraZeneca vaccine rollout as jab declared safe

The AstraZeneca shot is set to be the mainstay of vaccination programmes in much of the developing world as it does not require super-low temperature transportation and storage.

Hackers breach cameras at banks, jails, Tesla and more

The hacker group claims to have ferreted out credentials of a high-level administrator account at Silicon Valley firm Verkada, which runs a platform operating security systems online.

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