Monday, July 4, 2022


British worker at UK embassy in Berlin charged with Russian spying offences

David Ballantyne Smith who was employed as a security guard at the embassy was extradited to Britain from Germany following his arrest by German police in August 2021.

US says second highest official at Moscow embassy expelled by Russia

US officials warned the risk of a Russian invasion remained high and that Russia may attempt to fabricate a pretext for a conflict, despite Moscow saying it was moving some of its troops away from the border.

UAE opens first Gulf Arab embassy in Israel

The normalisation of relations has been deplored by the Palestinians, who want their demands for statehood free of Israeli occupation addressed first.

US embassy in Thailand rejects citizens’ appeal to fly in vaccines for them

Some other countries have started vaccinating their citizens or donating jabs earmarked for them.

Singapore wags finger at US embassy for co-hosting LGBT webinar

The foreign ministry in its admonition says that issues such as sexual orientation 'are choices for only Singaporeans to debate and decide'.

North Korean diplomats shutter embassy in KL after ties cut

Before departing, the North's most senior diplomat in Malaysia accused Malaysia of siding with Washington in a 'conspiracy' against Pyongyang, and committing a 'large hostile act'.

Malaysia defends extradition after North Korea cuts ties

The foreign ministry says Mun Chol Myong's extradition was only carried out after the due legal process had been exhausted, and in accordance with the principles of justice and rule of law.

Ex-ministers, one facing corruption case, eyeing ambassador’s job?

It is understood that at least three former ministers have been silently campaigning for diplomatic jobs.

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