Monday, June 21, 2021

Election Commission

Leave us out of your squabble with PAS, GPS tells DAP

GPS distances itself from the spat over electoral boundaries which PAS recently said are skewed and unfair to predominantly Malay states.

Elections Act should be amended for Undi 18 to be carried out, says Dewan Negara president

Rais Yatim says even though the constitution has been amended, there is no infrastructure through election laws.

With Zahid on top, EC rule on campaign posters could backfire on BN

Will splashing the BN chairman's face on posters bring in the votes?

Syed Saddiq, a one-hit wonder?

Syed Saddiq Syed Abdul Rahman would have been well placed to fight for the now-delayed Undi 18, but he has said very little on the matter.

Give EC time, law minister urges on Undi 18

He says many issues need to be ironed out, including the matter of addresses which needs to be referred to the National Registration Department.

Khairy questions MCO excuse for delay in Undi 18

He says the law minister had assured in Parliament less than five months ago that Undi 18 would be implemented in July this year.

Bersatu Youth chafes at delay in Undi 18

It says it understands the need to ensure smooth registration but offers its cooperation with the related agencies to speed up the process.

Automatic voter registration, Undi 18 to kick in after September 2022

EC says preparations are on track but current developments have affected its plans.

Speaker Azhar questions claims by ex-AG Thomas on EC reforms

Azhar Harun says there were practical reasons for allowing the ouster clause to remain, which had received the support of others as well.

Bersih chairmen, present and past, welcome ERC advice on electoral reforms

Thomas Fann calls for the recommendations to be made public while Maria Chin Abdullah makes several more.

Removing ‘guessing game’ on GE date among ERC’s ideas to transform the face of election

Several recommendations on reforming the electoral system will remove some of the advantages enjoyed by the incumbent government.

Electoral reform chief confident Putrajaya will implement all 49 recommendations

32 recommendations must be carried out within the next three years, says Ab Rashid Ab Rahman.

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