Thursday, December 2, 2021


Pushing through fears and diving past the impossible

Although physically limited, three young people are determined to prove to themselves and society that they are more than their disability.

A mother’s lonely road after losing her son to Covid-19

Even after losing his eyesight and his job as a taxi driver, Mohd Kamil Affendy Hashim worked hard and was a good son, Aminah Ibrahim says.

Long haul for single mum as two children hit with degenerative disease

One is completely bedridden while the other must receive treatment every week.

Drive-thru vaccination centre for the disabled coming soon, says minister

Rina Harun says the centre will begin operating next week at a location in the Klang Valley.

With eyesight failing him, only dead ends ahead for ex-taxi driver

Mohd Kamil Affendy Hashim is now looking for a new job, but it is difficult for him to land even a position as a security guard.

Despite losing a leg, 3D artist’s talent is setting him on a course to success

A traumatic and painful few years have not stopped this local artist from creating acclaimed paintings of medieval Melaka.

Disabled activists claim JKM called in the cops to ‘frighten’ them

They say they were very badly treated and urge welfare minister Rina Harun to explain.

The struggles of the sightless in a society blind to their woes

Everyday tasks like withdrawing money are a huge challenge while amenities meant specifically for them are often hijacked by others.

Signing the deaf and mute away from the margins

A lack of people who understand sign language has left many who have hearing and speaking impediments adrift with no way of communicating with the rest of society.

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