Thursday, January 20, 2022


One pilot killed, another injured in Hawk jet accident

The incident happened at around 10.07pm on the runway while the Hawk 108 fighter jet was conducting night flying training.

US backs Malaysia’s count of aircraft in Chinese military flight

The US Pacific Air Forces disputes the claim by a Chinese military source that only two planes were involved in the incident.

US intel report on UFOs ‘inconclusive’

The report, ordered last year, is to be submitted to Congress by the end of June by the director of national intelligence.

US condemns ‘escalatory’ Chinese military flights off Malaysia, Taiwan

The US Air Force's Pacific commander says these activities 'add to the list' of China's 'destabilising activities'.

Chinese military flights near Malaysia, ‘routine training’ or ‘routine warning’?

A new oil exploration by Petronas may be among the factors behind the latest turmoil.

China says military flight off Sarawak was ‘routine training’

An embassy spokesman says according to international law, Chinese military aircraft enjoy the freedom of overflight in the relevant airspace.

RMAF warns of threats to sovereignty after 16 Chinese aircraft found flying ‘suspiciously’

It says the aircraft were detected flying in an in-trail tactical formation at a distance of 60 nautical miles from each other.

Authorities studying data of Israeli plane’s flight over Malaysian airspace

The plane had flown over much of the Klang Valley at altitudes far above the 15,000-foot control of airspace by Malaysian authorities.

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