Thursday, December 2, 2021

air travel

Pandemic weight gains may force airlines to weigh fat passengers

This will be especially so once airlines take to the skies again and try to make up for the millions lost during the pandemic groundings.

No alternative to vaccine passports, says world’s busiest international airport boss

However, the US is resolute that there will be no vaccination credential as it 'could be used to restrict the daily freedoms of Americans'.

Covid-positive air passengers are still trying to board their flights

47 passengers on one flight from India were discovered to be Covid-19 positive on arrival in Hong Kong.

Air New Zealand to trial digital Covid-19 ‘vaccination passport’

Air New Zealand will trial a digital travel pass to give airlines and border authorities access to passenger health information, including their Covid-19 vaccination status.

US to punish bad behaviour on flights as incidents rise

Passengers who pose any sort of threat to the staff or passengers on the aircraft could be imprisoned or fined.

Hong Kong budget carrier joins ‘flights to nowhere’ trend

The carrier described the flight as a refresher for when travel restarts in earnest.

Masks cut risk of Covid-19 infection on planes, US military study shows

The study concludes that even on a full plane, the level of transmission over 12 hours of flight is negligible.

International air travel begins slow trip back up

IATA blames the slow recovery on a lack of consumer confidence, decline in business travel, and the new coronavirus spikes in the US and abroad.

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