Sunday, July 25, 2021

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Whopping 17,045 cases take total infections past 1 million

8,500 cases in Selangor alone.

New teachers from mass recruitment drive need to be equipped, say educationists

One says there is 'no room to train them' while another says pre-service training could be an option as not many have been prepared for the pandemic-season online learning methods.

Sarawak’s floating mosque struggles to stay above Covid wave

Initially touted as a main tourist attraction, it is now struggling to continue fulfilling its various duties to the community as financial problems persist.

Covid strikes MPs, Parliament staff ahead of special sitting

Many who tested positive were also close contacts.

Daily cases inch past 15,900 to another new high

7,351 cases in Selangor, 2,406 in Kuala Lumpur.

Two months and counting for migrant workers unable to work

They have cut down their meals to one a day, waiting for the time when they can go back to work.

Artists plead for show to go on during lockdown

They say art is a cultural asset and that exhibitions should be allowed to continue as there is no telling when the pandemic will end.

Govt moving to separate roles of AG and public prosecutor

Law minister Takiyuddin Hassan says this is to ensure justice and fulfil the principles of the rule of law as well as to avoid conflicts of interest.

Daily cases breach 15,500 in new record

More than 7,600 cases reported in Selangor.

Putrajaya announces extensions, benefits for contract doctors, promising comprehensive plan on the way

PM Muhyiddin Yassin says the government remains committed to ensuring that the welfare and career paths of contract officers are given due attention.

Multiple agencies probing businessman for tax fraud, 1MDB-style money laundering

Investigations have to do with lucrative contracts from a foreign government, the profits of which were never declared by the businessman.

Rampaging Delta variant leaves Southeast Asian nations with little economic policy room

Reopening at home, whenever it comes, will not be able to restore economic normality.

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