Wednesday, April 21, 2021

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Leave us out of your squabble with PAS, GPS tells DAP

GPS distances itself from the spat over electoral boundaries which PAS recently said are skewed and unfair to predominantly Malay states.

83 clusters recorded in schools and colleges, 49 still active

Health Minister Dr Adham Baba says any temporary closure of classes or premises will be considered based on risk assessments.

Nothing to change, leave CBN as it is, say parents on plan for full govt aid

The school's PIBG says parents are happy with the way the school is currently run.

Ramadan bazaar in Gombak closed for 4 days over SOP violations

The Selayang Municipal Council says additional SOPs have now been set, including a ban on children under 12 and senior citizens 65 and above.

Death toll hits 1,400 as new cases stay above 2,000

526 cases in Selangor, 429 in Sarawak and 370 in Kelantan.

‘Arab donation’ a scam, prosecution says in Najib’s SRC appeal

Ad hoc prosecutor V Sithambaram asks why the money was returned to a company if it was from the Saudi king.

Ex-minister Xavier says never told of CBN’s lease extension application

He says he would have approved the application if it had been brought to his attention, and urges the authorities to do so now.

Court to hear Ku Nan’s appeal in RM2 million bribery case tomorrow

The former minister's 12-month jail sentence and RM2 million fine have been on hold pending his appeal.

Mosque in Pahang slapped with RM10,000 compound for breaching SOPs

The mosque paid the fine with a 50% discount.

No application yet, Khairy tells Anwar on Selangor’s plan for vaccine

He says while the Selangor MB mentioned the plan to procure vaccine doses, he has yet to receive an official request.

Jho Low wouldn’t dare deceive Najib, prosecution tells appeals court

Ad hoc prosecutor V Sithambaram says it is far-fetched that Jho Low, as Najib's subordinate, would have dared to orchestrate fraudulent transactions directly implicating the former PM.

Traders scramble to keep up with hike in chicken prices

Some are forced to raise the price of their food while others do their best to absorb the increase in cost.

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