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Cabinet to decide on entry of foreign travellers, says health minister

Dr Zaliha Mustafa says any decision will be jointly made as tourism, economic growth and public safety are also at stake.

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Travellers queue at the luggage counter in this file picture taken at KLIA in Sepang.
Travellers queue at the luggage counter in this file picture taken at KLIA in Sepang.

Any decision related to the arrival of foreign travellers, especially from China, will be discussed comprehensively at the Cabinet level, says Health Minister Dr Zaliha Mustafa.

"It will be a joint decision after taking into account views from the various ministries, not just from the health ministry since this involves tourism and economic growth as well as public safety," she said.

Speaking at a press conference after visiting KLIA and klia2 in Sepang yesterday, Zaliha said she had met Prime Minister Anwar Ibrahim earlier for a briefing on foreign travellers which would be raised in the Cabinet meeting the next day.

"Tomorrow, we will present the facts that we have gathered and the related possibilities. God willing, we hope to come up with the best solution, a balanced decision based on science and data as well as community perception," she said.

Her remarks come amid concern over the increase in number of Covid-19 cases in China.
Zaliha said the arrival of foreign tourists at the two airports was being monitored without any discrimination. If travellers were found to be unwell, she said, they would be sent to the nearest health facility.

She also said she was satisfied with the Covid-19 prevention measures currently in place.

She advised Malaysians to take protective measures as recommended by the ministry, by wearing face masks and getting a booster dose of Covid-19 vaccine.

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