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Klang Valley hit by floods after heavy rain

Several districts in Selangor, including Sepang, Hulu Langat, Petaling and Klang, have been affected.

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More than 800 people from 200 families have been placed at temporary evacuation centre in Selangor.
More than 800 people from 200 families have been placed at temporary evacuation centre in Selangor.

Continuous heavy rain around the Klang Valley since last night has affected several districts in Selangor, including Sepang, Hulu Langat, Petaling and Klang.

According to the Selangor Civil Defence Force disaster management committee secretariat, seven temporary evacuation centres (PPS) have been opened since early this morning, to accommodate more than 800 people from 200 families.

These PPS are at the Gemilang community hall, Taman Gemilang in Sepang; SK Ulu Semenyih; the Pekan Bangi Lama community hall in Hulu Langat; Dewan Camelia in Putra Height and Putra Height Mosque in Petaling; and the Kampung Johan Setia Mosque and Kampung Jalan Kebun MPKK hall, Batu 7 in Klang.

Meanwhile, the PPS at SMK Jeram in Kuala Selangor, and Dewan Bagan Nakhoda Omar and Dewan Simpang 5 in Sabak Bernam, have remained in operation since Nov 11.

Selangor Fire and Rescue Department director Norazam Khamis meanwhile said a landslide occurred early this morning in Taman Sri Jelok, Kajang, involving a two-storey terrace house.

Four victims, aged 19 to 26, were safely evacuated.

Meanwhile, a Kuala Lumpur Fire and Rescue station spokesman said the situation around the capital was still under control despite heavy rain early this morning, but that monitoring, especially in hotspot areas, continued.

In Melaka, the number of evacuees remains unchanged, at 37 people from 12 families as of 8am, involving residents from Kampung Bukit Tambun, Kampung Bukit Balai, Kampung Pulau, Kampung Belimbing and Kampung Panchor.

The Melaka disaster management committee secretariat said in a statement that the evacuees had been housed at the PPS at the Durian Tunggal state constituency development and coordination committee office.

In Johor, three districts are still affected by flash floods: Tangkak, Kluang and Segamat. The number of evacuees dropped slightly to 325 people as of 8am, compared with 327 reported last night.

The district disaster management committee, in a statement, said that the evacuees, from 80 families, were still being housed at five PPS.

"A total of 39 people are placed in the Kampung Batu Badak hall and 14 people are still accommodated at the Tasek community hall, Segamat, while 32 people are being housed at the Kampung Ithnin Maarof hall in Kluang.

"Currently SK Simpang 5 Darat and Sekolah Agama Simpang 5 Darat in Tangkak are accommodating 132 and 108 evacuees respectively," it said.

It said that the water level in Sungai Lenik (Ladang Cha'ah), Segamat, was at the danger level, with a reading of 6.09m.

In Penang, state APM assistant director (operations) Kamal Jakarinah said the PPS at the Desa Puri hall was closed yesterday afternoon.

In Perak, a total of 540 people from 153 families were still at seven PPS as of 9am, a drop from 579 people from 159 families reported three hours earlier.

The evacuees are being housed at seven PPS, including a PPS at the Kampung Kuak Luar community hall in Hulu Perak which was opened at 11.30pm last night.

The number of evacuees, especially from Kampung Kuak Luar, Kampung Kuak Tengah, Kampung Ayer Panas and Kampung Raja Kayu, recorded a drop to 79 people from 19 families compared to 118 people from 25 families.

In Kelantan, 1,483 people from 509 families were still housed at seven PPS this morning, a decrease from the 1,677 people from 557 families reported yesterday.

According to the Disaster Info portal of the Social Welfare Department, all of the evacuees are currently placed at the PPS in the Pasir Mas district.