Wednesday, January 26, 2022

Hamzah no-show as Hamid attends ceremony to hand over duties to new top cop

This comes three days after former top cop Abdul Hamid Bador openly criticised the home minister over alleged interference in police duties.

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Home Minister Hamzah Zainudin was today absent from an official ceremony where he was to have been the main guest to witness the handing over of duties to the newly appointed inspector-general of police, Acryl Sani Abdullah Sani.

The ceremony was attended by outgoing police chief Abdul Hamid Bador, three days after he openly criticised Hamzah over alleged interference in police duties.

Hamzah was represented by Deputy Home Minister I Ismail Mohamed, who said the minister had to attend a National Security Council meeting.

At a press conference later, Hamid expressed full confidence in his successor Acryl.

When asked about his recent criticism of politicians meddling in the police force, Hamid said he would leave it to the current officers to follow up.

“It is not necessary that I lodge a report. That is what has been advised by the honourable minister. If that’s the case, I will leave it to the good judgment of Acryl.”

Hamid meanwhile assured that he would not probe into the affairs of the police after his retirement.

“I will just remain quietly and do my own things. I have all the confidence in Acryl to carry on. He will be more successful.

“Until someone provoked me,” said Hamid, adding that he would like to occupy his time with farming activities.

Acryl meanwhile described his new job as a “huge burden on both my shoulders”.

On Friday, Hamid delivered a stinging parting shot at Hamzah, accusing him of arrogance and interfering in the appointment of top officers.

He also questioned Hamzah’s leadership in the Police Force Commission which decides on the transfer and promotion of officers.

He likewise questioned the commission’s role, saying it had not looked into many complaints of police misconduct.

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