Monday, October 18, 2021

Families claim Jelebu prison inmates beaten, sprayed with chilli powder in police custody

The wife of one of the inmates says her husband is traumatised and contemplating suicide in prison.

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Families of detainees at the Jelebu prison in Negeri Sembilan claim that over 20 inmates have been abused under police custody, calling for action to be taken against the officers involved.

They claim that on April 8, a group of 23 detainees in police custody were beaten up for hours with PVC pipes, sticks, chairs and other hard objects.

They also allege that some of the detainees had chilli powder sprayed on their private parts by officers who were not wearing their official uniforms.

They claim that the inmates were still handcuffed throughout these events.

According to a police report lodged by the wife of one of the inmates, they are calling for action against the officers responsible for the alleged acts, saying the detainees have been traumatised and are now contemplating suicide.

“My husband and the other inmates do not have any facilities or communication tools to inform police and family members about this,” the woman said.

“My husband was badly injured but the prison officers did not take him to hospital for treatment. Because of his condition, my husband told me he has thought about committing suicide in the prison.

“As a wife, I am very concerned for his safety and I urge the authorities to take appropriate action,” she said.

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