Thursday, September 23, 2021

A session with the bone-setting master

Chris Leong aka 'Sifu Chris' specialises in treating those struggling with aches and pains through the use of a method known as 'tit tar'.

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Customers wait patiently at his centre in Petaling Jaya, one of many outlets he has in Damansara, MidValley, Setia Alam, Sri Petaling and Ampang.

Before beginning each session, Chris gives customers a rundown of factors which can cause stress to the body. Even sitting in one position for too long can trigger pain in the back, neck and knees, he says.

Chris specialises in a method of pain relief known as ‘tit tar’, which he uses to treat ankle, neck, shoulder and knee pain. He begins by pressing the point at the shoulder where all the pain comes from.

For Chris, traditional bone setting is a natural therapy to restore balance to the body and bone structure. He continues by pulling on each finger to release the stress.

His customers come from all over the country, and he has treated royal figures, politicians and strangers he meets on the streets.

Most of his customers come to him with back problems, which can affect the movement of their entire bodies. He uses his elbow to release and adjust bones that are out of place.

He also tries to realign the bones in his customers’ legs. He says customers take about three days to recover as blood circulation gradually improves.

Even if the customer happens to be taller than he is, Chris still finds a way to administer his treatment.

Once the session is complete, he hands out a list of dietary restrictions and instructions for customers to follow for the next two weeks.

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