Sunday, October 24, 2021


Malaysia diundi duduki majlis hak asasi PBB bagi penggal 2022-2024

Ismail berkata Malaysia sedia memainkan peranan aktif dalam majlis itu seperti menjadi pemudah cara rundingan damai, pemboleh kerjasama dan pembina konsensus.

Malaysia wins seat at UN human rights council for 2022-2024 term

Prime Minister Ismail Sabri Yaakob says Malaysia will work closely with UN member states to advance the global human rights agenda, as enshrined in the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Hishammuddin nafi ‘konflik’ dengan KDN, usaha anggotai UNHRC diteruskan

Inisiatif Malaysia untuk menganggotai UNHRC bagi penggal 2022-2024 secara rasmi diumumkan pada Disember tahun lalu.

Hishammuddin steers clear of ‘conflict’ talk with KDN, says UN seat goal on track

The foreign minister says he cannot comment on rumours.

Anti-refugee soundbites from ministry might deal a blow to Wisma Putra’s bid for UN rights council seat

There are concerns about Malaysia's diplomatic image as well as its treatment of refugees as seen in recent events involving foreign workers and migrants.

Pendirian anti-pelarian KDN mungkin jejaskan kempen Wisma Putra anggotai UNHRC

Dasar-dasar dalam negeri Malaysia perlu seiring dengan aspirasi dasar diplomatik luar negara selain meneruskan dasar-dasar kemanusiaan terhadap pelarian.

China lambasts UK for ‘double standards’ over human rights for immigrants

Beijing has stepped up the rhetoric against London since Britain offered millions of Hong Kong citizens in its ex-colony the chance to obtain full British citizenship.

Washington in bid to rejoin UNHRC to go after rights violators

The Biden administration named Venezuela, Nicaragua, Cuba, Congo and Iran as human rights abusers, but its list does not stop there.

UK to challenge China at UN, demanding fact-finding access to Xinjiang

The 'disgraceful' treatment of Kremlin critic Alexei Navalny, the crisis in Myanmar and the situation in Belarus are also slated to be raised by Britain.

UN elects ‘human rights abusers’ to Human Rights Council

The UNHRC has long drawn criticism for hypocrisy.

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