Friday, June 18, 2021


EU members approve return of US travellers

Countries can be included on the white list if they have recorded fewer than 75 cases of Covid-19 per 100,000 inhabitants over the past 14 days.

Spain opens borders to all vaccinated travellers

Across the country, hotels and restaurants are reopening after months of closure, and airlines have restarted routes dropped during the height of the pandemic.

EU summit welcomes Covid certificate to unlock travel

The 27 member states want the EU Digital Covid Certificate, to be launched July 1, to turn the page on coronavirus restrictions that have crimped Europeans' freedom of movement.

EU lines up Covid travel pass, Eiffel Tower to reopen

The deal will allow anybody living in the EU's 27 countries to secure a digital health pass by the end of June that displays their vaccination status, results of Covid-19 tests or recovery from a coronavirus infection.

Pandemic weight gains may force airlines to weigh fat passengers

This will be especially so once airlines take to the skies again and try to make up for the millions lost during the pandemic groundings.

Balik kampung exodus to become a trip down memory lane?

Rapid urbanisation and the passing of older generations could see the annual trips becoming less and less of a priority for those in the city.

Bad behaviour on planes drawing bigger fines in US

Under the FAA's enhanced compliance and enforcement policy, fines can get as high as US$35,000, and the worst behaviour could even draw a prison sentence.

Covid test costs may exceed fares, deterring people from flying

This could jeopardise millions of jobs in tourism as the world seeks to recover from the pandemic.

All jabbed up? Come right in! More countries dropping quarantine for vaccinated travellers

But one big snag is: what if you have been inoculated with the 'wrong' brand vaccine?

Covid-positive air passengers are still trying to board their flights

47 passengers on one flight from India were discovered to be Covid-19 positive on arrival in Hong Kong.

WHO says against proof of vaccination for travel

The idea of vaccine passports has been met with criticism, with many saying it would lead to discrimination and others raising concerns about privacy.

Hugs, tears as New Zealand-Australia travel bubble opens

For the first time in almost 400 days passengers can fly across the Tasman Sea without undergoing mandatory Covid-19 quarantine when they arrive.

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