Monday, December 6, 2021


US subway riders witnessed rape but did nothing, police say

Police say as many as 10 people actually saw some part of the attack on the woman.

3 dead, dozens injured after US train derailment

Footage posted on social media showed people waiting by the tracks, luggage strewn next to them, with train carriages seen listing off the rails and at least one toppled onto its side.

China unveils 600kph levitating train, world’s fastest land vehicle

This train would take just two and a half hours to travel from Beijing to Shanghai – a journey that currently takes three hours by plane.

All a boar-d! Wild pig takes Hong Kong subway journey

The train was eventually diverted to a depot where officers were able to safely capture the animal and release him back into the wild.

Corruption, earthquake blamed for deadly Mexico City train crash

Many locals are blaming shoddy construction and political corruption for the collapse.

Indian railway worker hailed as ‘superhero’ after dramatic rescue

Mayur Shelke sprinted more than 30m along the track, grabbed the boy, threw him back onto the platform and climbed up himself, barely two seconds before a train thundered through.

11 dead, almost 100 hurt in Egypt train accident

Egyptian rail disasters are generally attributed to poor infrastructure and maintenance.

Lorry boss apologises for Taiwan’s worst train wreck

There have been mounting questions over how full the train was, and why there were no barricades on that section of the track.

Dozens feared dead in Taiwan railway crash

Police say the accident was believed to have been caused by a construction vehicle sliding down an embankment and striking the train before it entered the tunnel.

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