Friday, July 1, 2022


Hackers steal over US$600 million in major crypto heist

The haul was valued at US$545 million when it was stolen on March 23, but was worth about US$615 million based on prices Tuesday, making it one of largest thefts ever in the crypto world.

US to return US$154 million stolen by Sony employee and converted to bitcoin

With assistance from Sony, Citibank and Japanese law enforcement, FBI investigators were able to obtain the private key, equivalent to a password, needed to access the bitcoin address.

US police officer shoots dead wheelchair-bound shoplifter

The shooting is the latest in a country where law enforcement readily resorts to deadly force when confronting criminal suspects.

Flash mob thefts terrorise US retailers ahead of Christmas

Retailers around the country are taking notice and precautions against possible copycat hits as the sheer size of the robbery gangs and their ability to plan secretly have made them nearly impossible to halt.

Luxury jeweller hit by €10 million heist in Paris

Two suspects have been placed in custody after a high-speed chase.

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