Thursday, October 21, 2021


Thailand to re-open to vaccinated tourists from November

Vaccinated tourists travelling by air from 10 low-risk countries including Britain, the US, China, Germany and Singapore will be allowed to travel freely if they test negative before and upon arrival.

Thai diners whet their appetites at flood cafe

The crisis has become a boon for the Chaopraya Antique Cafe in Nonthaburi, part of the vast sprawl of Bangkok upriver from the city centre.

Bangkok on alert as 70,000 homes flooded in Thailand

Soldiers have set up barriers and sandbags to protect ancient archaeological ruins and landmarks as well as neighbourhoods in the old royal capital Ayutthaya, some 60km north of Bangkok.

Thailand to cut quarantine for vaccinated tourists

The kingdom is pushing to reopen despite still being in the grips of a deadly third wave of infections, driven by the Delta variant.

Thailand to try alternative vaccination method to stretch supplies

Doctors have been given the green light to give booster shots under the skin rather than injecting them into muscles.

Thai PM survives no-confidence vote as more anti-govt protests planned

Prayuth Chan-ocha received 264 votes in favour and 208 against.

Thailand cites positive results from Sinovac-AstraZeneca mix

Thailand was the first country in the world to mix a Chinese vaccine and a Western-developed vaccine.

Varian Delta kini dominan dalam kes Covid-19 di Thailand

Varian Delta direkodkan di 76 dari 77 wilayah di Thailand.

Thai man charged over Phuket waterfall murder as officials fear effect on tourism

The incident has shocked many around the world and could negatively affect the Phuket sandbox scheme to promote tourism.

Massed Bangkok police fire rubber bullets at hundreds of protesters

Protesters are railing against the state’s failure to deal with Covid outbreaks and the teetering economy.

Swiss woman found murdered near waterfall in ‘sandbox’ Phuket

Phuket island is effectively sealed off from the rest of the country to keep Covid-19 at bay and provide a safe tourist experience.

Rumblings of protest in Thailand again, as 103 face jail for insulting king

In recent weeks the protests have been building again despite or even because of the surge in Covid-19 cases.

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