Thursday, April 22, 2021


Russian airstrikes kill 200 militants in Syria ahead of elections build-up

Armed groups in the region want to destabilise the situation in Syria ahead of presidential elections just announced for May 26.

Syria and the price of resistance

The truth about how sanctions, war and terrorism have contributed to the immense suffering of the Syrian people and the current humanitarian crisis has not been highlighted in the media but it is a reality that the Syrians are painfully aware of.

Syrian president and wife test positive for Covid-19

Damascus received its first shipment of vaccines on March 1 from an unnamed 'friendly' country.

Denmark tells over 1,000 Syrian refugees: Get ready to go home, Syria is now safe

Denmark’s voters are becoming more anti-immigrant, forcing the ruling party to adopt a fierce anti-immigration stance to fend off opposition parties gaining popularity.

Biden reportedly called off Syrian bomb strike after woman, children seen near target

In February, the US destroyed a facility in Syria which marked Biden’s first known use of military force in his presidency.

Pekerja pembersihan warga Malaysia diradikalkan IS dihantar pulang, isteri diberikan kaunseling

Walaupun penyiasatan tidak dapat menemui bukti dia merancang untuk melakukan sebarang serangan domestik, dia secara aktif memuat naik bahan-bahan yang menyokong Isis.

‘List of shame’ countries should reclaim their women, children from Syrian camps, says UN

Few countries have so far brought any of their citizens home from the 'sub-human and horrific' camps.

UK Supreme Court to decide if ‘IS bride’ can return home

Rights groups argue that human rights principles are at stake and Begum should answer for any crimes in her home country.

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