Friday, September 17, 2021


Unicef calls for schools to reopen in pandemic-hit nations

Schools in around 17 countries remain fully closed, while those in 39 countries remain partially closed.

Plan to reopen schools shows Malaysia transitioning to endemic phase, says Radzi

Education Minister Radzi Jidin maintains that teachers who refuse vaccination will not be allowed to teach face-to-face classes, saying action will be taken against them.

Putrajaya introduces affordable internet packages for students, low-income families

This is part of the government's push to provide better internet access at affordable prices.

Back-to-school announcement the right move, say experts

They say reopening schools is a justified move and that parents can decide to keep their children at home if they wish.

School reopening based on recovery phases, rotation system to ensure SOPs

Education Minister Radzi Jidin says this is important to ensure that students are not kept away from school for too long.

Education ministry looking at students’ suggestions to improve teaching and learning methods

Education Minister Radzi Jidin says many views were provided by students who will be taking the SPM exam in March.

Khairy to discuss compulsory jabs for teachers with education ministry

He says mandating vaccinations for teachers has its own legal implications.

Five out of 73 abducted Nigerian students rescued

Gunmen stormed a secondary school on Wednesday in the latest mass abductions targeting schools and colleges.

Nigeria gunmen kidnap 73 students from high school in northwest

Police rescue teams are working with the military to try to release the students.

China bans exams for 6-year-olds as Beijing retools education system

The regulations also limit exams in other years of compulsory education to once a term, with mid-term and mock examinations allowed in junior high school.

Online learning the best bet for now, expert says as pandemic continues havoc for schools

Educationists say it is difficult to change the school calendar in the midst of the Covid-19 pandemic.

New teachers from mass recruitment drive need to be equipped, say educationists

One says there is 'no room to train them' while another says pre-service training could be an option as not many have been prepared for the pandemic-season online learning methods.

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