Saturday, January 29, 2022

space travel

Nasa-SpaceX crew returns from record mission aboard International Space Station

The Dragon vehicle, dubbed Endeavour, parachuted into the sea off the Florida coast, following a re-entry descent through Earth's atmosphere carried live by a Nasa webcast.

SpaceX prepares to send first all-civilian crew into orbit

The crew vehicle, dubbed Resilience, is set for liftoff from Nasa's Kennedy Space Center atop one of Musk's reusable Falcon 9 rockets, with a five-hour targeted launch window.

Laundry: housekeeping on the final frontier

Astronauts may soon be able to do their own laundry instead of waiting for new clothes to arrive from Earth.

All aboard! Next stop space…

Mainly wealthy first-time space travellers are getting ready to take part in one of several private missions which are preparing to launch.

Perseverance ‘SuperCam’ begins hunt for past life on Mars

The return to Earth years from now of the rocks and soil it retrieves 'will give scientists the holy grail of planetary exploration', says National Centre for Space Studies chief.

Nasa wants to fly a helicopter on Mars for the first time

Equipped with two cameras, computers and navigation sensors, the Ingenuity has four feet, a box-like body and four carbon-fibre blades arranged in two rotors spinning in opposite directions.

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