Friday, May 27, 2022

Solomon Islands

Aussie police take control of Solomon Islands capital after days of unrest

Many of the protesters feel overlooked by the government in Guadalcanal province and oppose its 2019 decision to end diplomatic ties with Taiwan and establish formal links with China.

Australia deploys peacekeepers as riots rock Solomon Islands

Protests have quickly descended into a violent free-for-all, with gangs of stick-wielding youths rampaging through the capital, stripping stores of goods and clashing with police.

Solomon Islands province turns down ‘bribe’ from Beijing

The decision conflicts with the Solomons central government’s position to cash in on China’s ambitions in the South Pacific.

Aussie PM in Solomon Islands to strengthen ties, with wary eye on China

Canberra is cosying up to Pacific island nations hoping to deflect them from Beijing's cash-laden temptations.

Solomon Islands greets first Covid-19 case, leaves dwindling virus-free club

The number of countries with zero cases is now down to single digits

Bomb clearers blown up in their own office

Police think the men were trying to disarm the bomb.

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