Sunday, July 3, 2022

Securities Commission

SC lays out conditions for credit rating agency independence

Among others, the appointment of board members and CEOs should be subject to assessment as well as SC approval, while agencies should also form a rating committee to keep board members and shareholders from getting involved.

RAM claims independence not an issue with shareholders composition

It says key safeguard measures are in place to ensure that its independence and integrity are not affected.

Awang Adek Hussin to take over after SC chief quits

He will serve as executive director for three years until May 31, 2025.

Former Tourism Malaysia chairman prods SC boss on AirAsia probe

Wee Choo Keong asks if Syed Zaid Albar is still chairman of the Securities Commission.

Revealed: How SC stopped Bursa Malaysia from investigating AirAsia over Airbus scandal

The Malaysian stock exchange is understood to have been investigating possible breaches of a number of laws.

Question mark over outcome of SC’s 2-year probe into bribery allegations linked to AirAsia

The scandal, which led to a massive US$4 billion settlement by Airbus, triggered a worldwide investigation with at least two airline bosses arrested and jailed.

Facts vs agenda in assault on MACC

One needs to question why the allegations against Azam surfaced at this critical point in time.

Accept SC decision on MACC chief, says PM

Ismail Sabri Yaakob says all parties should accept the outcome of investigations by professional entities such as the SC.

SC tells why Azam did no wrong, reaffirms decision on MACC chief

It says its decision was based on independent evidence gathered at the inquiry into Azam's ownership of shares.

You called for SC probe on Azam, why question its decision, Bersatu tells PH

It warns against disparaging the government and its institutions for the sake of 'narrow political agendas'.

What ‘inconclusive’ means in the legal process

When there is no finding of breach, the law cannot be used as a weapon but must be turned to act as a shield to protect the innocent.

Azam welcomes SC decision on conflict of interest probe

He says he will continue his responsibility as MACC chief to fight corruption in the country without fear or favour.

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