Monday, December 6, 2021


Food stall owner recalls explosions followed by fire after RMAF jet accident

She says she saw what looked like a fire on the base runway.

One pilot killed, another injured in Hawk jet accident

The incident happened at around 10.07pm on the runway while the Hawk 108 fighter jet was conducting night flying training.

4 RMAF personnel killed in shooting at Sarawak camp

One of them shot three others before taking his own life.

Malaysia to summon Chinese envoy over airspace intrusion

Wisma Putra to issue protest note over breach of 16 Chinese military aircraft.

TUDM beri amaran kedaulatan terancam selepas 16 pesawat China dikesan terbang ‘mencurigakan’

Penerbangan pesawat-pesawat PLAAF tersebut dikesan oleh radar pertahanan udara di Sarawak.

RMAF warns of threats to sovereignty after 16 Chinese aircraft found flying ‘suspiciously’

It says the aircraft were detected flying in an in-trail tactical formation at a distance of 60 nautical miles from each other.

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