Tuesday, December 7, 2021


China targets celebrity online information in ramp up of fan culture crackdown

Celebrity endorsements and advertisements should be clearly marked out by platforms, says CAC, and fan clubs must be managed by authorised agents.

China ministry orders 38 apps to rectify excessive collection of personal data

The order arrives days after China's Personal Information Protection Law, a sweeping ordinance dictating online privacy practices, went into full effect.

Streaming site Twitch confirms hack

It does not appear that personal Twitch user data was in the dump, but the extent of the hack is still being investigated.

Singapore patrol robots stoke fears of surveillance state

From vast numbers of CCTV cameras to trials of lamp posts kitted out with facial recognition tech, Singapore is seeing an explosion of tools to track its inhabitants.

Facebook ad business hit by new Apple privacy rules

The move by Apple earlier this year has sparked a rift with Facebook and other tech rivals and could have major implications for data privacy and the mobile ecosystem.

Facebook encrypts Messenger calls in privacy move

Facebook is testing encrypting group chats and calls on Messenger, as well as direct messages at its image-centric Instagram social network.

Rela denies personal data used for automatic registration of members

It says automatic registration is against Section 6(1) of the Personal Data Protection Act 2010.

Ikea France faces verdict over employee spying claims

In one case, the former head of risk management wanted to know how an employee could afford to drive a brand-new BMW convertible, while in another he sought to know why an employee in Bordeaux had 'suddenly become a protester'.

WhatsApp sues Indian govt over new law making private messages ‘traceable’

WhatsApp says rules that require tracing the origin of chats are the equivalent of keeping a 'fingerprint of every single message sent on the service'.

WhatsApp delays enforcing new privacy terms

Users will get 'persistent' reminders about the policy and may lose some functionality if they fail to accept the new terms.

Anwar-Zahid phone tap an invasion of privacy, says PKR’s Maria

The Petaling Jaya MP calls for a probe into who tapped the phone conversation between the two leaders.

Facebook fails in bid to derail US$15 billion privacy suit

The suit accuses Facebook of wrongly tracking users away from the social network, then making money from the data by selling it to marketers for targeting ads.

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