Thursday, April 22, 2021

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Anwar faces biggest test in latest comeback as PM candidate

The national context is no longer the same as it was during GE14, while Anwar himself faces a different set of hurdles in his prime ministerial ambitions.

Anwar back as PH’s candidate for prime minister

Pakatan Harapan also reiterates that it is open to discussions and cooperation with any party based on the principles and agenda of reform.

Rise of ‘underdog’ Muhyiddin puts to rest debate on ‘Mahathir or Anwar’, says analyst

With the opposition in disarray, the prime minister's brand may just work in the next polls.

Muhyiddin’s report card, one year on

In assessing Muhyiddin, one must take into account the twin crises that coincided with his premiership: the Covid-19 pandemic and the resulting economic fallout.

Muhyiddin’s first year as prime minister

The prime minister's refusal to interfere in cases involving individuals whose support is critical to his government is a courageous move in Malaysian politics.

Israel’s Netanyahu returns to court as graft trial ramps up

The combative 71-year-old prime minister blasts the charges as 'fabricated and ludicrous' ahead of his first court appearance in May, claiming to be the victim of a witch-hunt.

Former speaker Ariff defends actions during 2020 crisis after criticism from ex-AG Thomas

The former judge refers to a detailed explanation of why he refused to convene the Dewan Rakyat and allowed the Agong to choose a new prime minister.

No indication that PM has lost majority support, says law minister

Takiyuddin Hassan says there is no need to expedite the motions of confidence and no-confidence in today's Order Paper.

No provisions for confidence motions in constitution, says law minister

Takiyuddin Hassan says it is up to the Agong to decide whether an individual still commands the confidence of the majority.

Muhyiddin trumps Dr M, Anwar in new survey

Poll indicates that the prime minister also enjoys greater endorsement from non-Malays despite their lower support for the government.

Ex-Najib aide heaps praise on Anwar as PM material, ‘national icon’

Oh Ei Sun says Anwar's policies will 'usher in greater communal harmony'.

Zahid’s ‘ceasefire’ call his own, changing PM no cure for pandemic, says Annuar

The Umno leader says the country is facing a triple crisis of politics, health and economy.

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