Thursday, October 21, 2021


Growing up amid the garbage of a slum village in Sarawak

The dump site is the only playground that four-year-old Michelle has ever known.

The ‘Babu Roti’ of Sentul

Abdul Hafiz Md Daud has been selling bread around the Kuala Lumpur suburb since 1965 and he intends to keep going despite ill health and even a few accidents.

Govt aiming to eliminate hardcore poverty by 2025

The focus will be on some 2.9 million households in the lower income bracket with monthly incomes of below RM4,850.

Sarawak fishermen stumped by dwindling catch

While the exact reason for the drop in fish population is unknown, the situation is forcing some of them to turn to jobs on land.

More aid for the people after special Covid-19 assistance, says PM

Ismail Sabri Yaakob says the additional aid will be channelled from next month onwards.

Pandemic and lockdowns raise questions over future of housing for the poor

Experts say there should be no disparity in standards between social housing and houses on the private market.

Cobbling a living together during the Covid-19 pandemic

Small-time shoe repair businesses are feeling the impact of the pandemic and lockdowns while those in the food supply chain struggle to keep produce fit for the market.

China eyes its rich in drive to reduce inequality

China does not currently have nationwide direct property taxes, and does not levy an inheritance tax.

Happy Bank, reaching the needy across the country

For seven years, Happy Bank has been helping those in need, but numbers now are greater than ever thanks to the Covid-19 crisis. Contributions to Happy Bank can be channelled to Maybank account number 568621000906.

The impact of Covid-19 on Malaysia’s absolute poverty rate

Science, technology and innovation need to be the way forward for Malaysia and Malaysians.

Two months and counting for migrant workers unable to work

They have cut down their meals to one a day, waiting for the time when they can go back to work.

Putrajaya sets up 24-hour food basket hotline to tackle pandemic hunger

Assistance will be delivered from July 19 onwards although those in severe need can request for aid to be given earlier.

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