Sunday, July 25, 2021


Two months and counting for migrant workers unable to work

They have cut down their meals to one a day, waiting for the time when they can go back to work.

Putrajaya sets up 24-hour food basket hotline to tackle pandemic hunger

Assistance will be delivered from July 19 onwards although those in severe need can request for aid to be given earlier.

A mother’s lonely road after losing her son to Covid-19

Even after losing his eyesight and his job as a taxi driver, Mohd Kamil Affendy Hashim worked hard and was a good son, Aminah Ibrahim says.

Covid triggered biggest increase in hunger in decades, says UN

The world was already off track to achieve its goal of eradicating hunger by 2030, but the report warns that Covid has now sent it back in the wrong direction.

Waiting in Lorong Haji Taib

From parents to sex workers, the residents of Lorong Haji Taib all wait for their own reasons.

Malaysia isn’t perfect but it’s no failed state

A lot is being done not just to tide us over during this difficult time, but also to help propel the nation to the next stage of growth, post-pandemic.

People living in famine-like conditions rose sixfold in 2020, says rights group

Oxfam calculates that 11 people a minute are likely dying from acute hunger, compared to seven people a minute from Covid-19.

Rempit and the dismissal of a struggle

We should know, understand, and be kind to this group of underprivileged adolescents.

Educationists warn of ‘lost generation’ as poorer students struggle online

Many from poor or rural families lack the facilities needed to properly follow home-based teaching and learning, while others may have lost the drive to continue studying.

Provisions for suicide prevention needed in lockdown plans

Never have Malaysians witnessed the despair of so many jobless, hungry and homeless people.

Sun, sea, sand and school for children in Sarawak fishing village

Their parents do what they can to provide the devices needed for home-based learning, but with internet connectivity out of their hands, drastic measures are needed.

Lockdown life in a Rohingya community

Some have jobs that require them to venture out from their homes while others must stay put, along with millions of others across the country.

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