Wednesday, July 21, 2021


Philippine drug war dead exhumed as grave leases expire

Activists estimate tens of thousands of people have died since President Rodrigo Duterte ordered police to go after drug addicts and dealers in a widely-condemned campaign that has largely targeted poor men.

Philippines warns virus ‘surge’ possible after Delta strain detected

More hospital beds are being made available for Covid-19 patients and oxygen supplies increased in case of a surge in infections.

Biden backs Trump rejection of Beijing’s South China Sea claims

Washington has effectively sided with the Philippines, Brunei, Indonesia, Malaysia, and Vietnam, in opposing Beijing's assertions of sovereignty over the sea.

45 killed in Philippine military plane crash

Forty-nine military personnel and four civilians were also injured and taken to hospital.

29 killed in Philippine military plane crash

A search is still under way for 17 missing people.

President Pacquiao? King of the ring mulls Philippines’ top job

'I'm a politician, all politicians are dreaming for the higher position,' he says.

Philippines’ ex-president ‘Noynoy’ Aquino dies

Aquino ruled the archipelago nation from 2010 to 2016.

Jab or jail, Philippines president warns vaccine vacillators

He says he is 'exasperated by Filipinos not heeding the government', and that there is 'a crisis in the country'.

International court to probe Philippines anti-drug war ‘murders’

The drugs war is his signature policy, and he defends it fiercely against Western leaders and institutions he says do not care about his country.

Philippines suspends scrapping of military pact with US again

Manila has in the past been unhappy about issues such as a lack of jurisdiction over US personnel who commit crimes in the Philippines.

Filipino boxing hero accuses Duterte of going soft over South China Sea disputes with Beijing

Pacquiao recalls that when campaigning in 2016, Duterte said he would take a jet ski to the Spratly Islands and plant a Filipino flag there.

Hong Kong scraps mandatory vaccines for foreign domestic workers

But authorities have ordered all foreign helpers to undergo another round of mandatory testing, triggering renewed criticism from the Philippines.

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