Tuesday, April 20, 2021


US to send more warships to South China Sea, Philippines ambassador says

Earlier this month, an estimated 200 Chinese fishing vessels positioned themselves around the Philippines-claimed Whitsun Reef.

Philippine police probe death of curfew violator forced to do squats

Police spokesman says the city's police chief and two officers have been removed from their posts pending the results of the investigation.

Filipino Covid curfew breaker ‘dies after cops make him do 300 squats’

The local mayor condemned the alleged punishment as 'torture'.

Huge Chinese ‘fishing fleet’ in Philippine waters alarms Manila

The 'fishing boats' do not appear to be fishing and are crewed by China's maritime militia, according to Manila.

Manila orders everyone under 18 and over 65 to stay home for 2 weeks as virus cases surge

The Philippines recorded the largest daily increase since mid-August on Monday with 5,404 new infections.

‘Kill kill kill’ order ‘was legal’, Philippines authorities claim after 9 shot by police

President Duterte had told security forces they could kill 'rebels' if they were holding a gun and to 'ignore human rights'.

Philippines calls new China maritime law a ‘threat of war’

The new Chinese law raises the stakes in the South China Sea and increases the possibility of clashes with regional maritime nations.

Philippine president tells kids to stay home and watch TV

Philippine President Rodrigo Duterte has reimposed a ban on children aged 10 to 14 leaving home, a move which others say could hamper economic recovery.

Philippines banning all travellers from 19 countries until mid-January

The Philippines is second only to Indonesia in infections and deaths across Asia.

Mother and son shot dead by off-duty cop in row over noise in Philippines

The murders have sparked accusations that Duterte’s war on drugs has created a culture of police impunity.

Philippines set to raise age of consent

The Philippine congress looks set to approve a bill to raise the age of consent to 16.

Two dead, hundreds flee floods in Philippine storm

The huge waves wiped out dozens of houses in a coastal village in Lapu-Lapu, leaving around 290 homeless.

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