Monday, November 29, 2021

"Muslim ban"

Air Canada agrees to US$4.5 million settlement over delayed US passenger refunds

Of the US$4.5 million settlement, US$2.5 million would be credited to Air Canada for refunding passengers and US$2 million would be paid to the US Treasury.

US surpasses 700,000 Covid deaths

This is a toll roughly equivalent to the population of the nation's capital Washington.

‘Am I patriotic enough for you?’ Asian-American veteran shows battle scars

Thousands of Asian-Americans have reported hate crimes linked to language that blames Asians for the spread of Covid-19.

Critics slam Biden for denying thousands still affected by Trump’s ‘Muslim ban’

Biden rescinded the ban and announced that those who were denied entry to the US could apply again – except for one category of applicant.

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